customcreativity was created for the purpose of a Uni Assignment: creating a ‘Web Presence’.

After completing my Certificate IV in Digital Media (2009), I was hoping to enter the workforce using Photoshop and Illustrator on a daily basis. However, having now recently completed a Certificate III in Pre-press (2014), a BA (Hons) in Internet Communications (2011-2013) and the Diploma of Interactive Digital Media, (2010), I am hoping to gain access into the Social Media Curator field, as this has become my main passion of interest.

The unexpected arrival of my 3rd child lead me to continue my training further. With the help of Open Universities Australia and Curtin University I pursued my Bachelor of Arts in Internet Communications online. My enjoyment of discovering new things and eagerness of learning are definitely fulfilling my curiosity of  Internet technology.

This Web Presence is about displaying my passion for Graphic Design. It is about linking my other internet networks to the one page. It is also to allow people the opportunity to follow me and my, also newly created, blog. It will be used as a foundation that I hope to build upon and continue to expand during the later years.


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